The beginning…

I guess the best place to start is the beginning. I found myself on unemployment after working for the Desert Dispatch for the second time when I discovered a job posting for the BVI Beacon in Tortola and realized that a former coworker at the DD had been working at the paper for the last 2 years. After submitting my resume and a series of interviews I got the job. Little did I know that getting the job would only be the beginning.

Getting a work permit for the British Virgin Islands, where Tortola is located, is a slow process. It was almost 2 months before I got the paperwork back from the immigration office and that’s when the real fun began.

I found out I’d need to get my immunization records, which I hadn’t used in over a decade; a hepatitis a vaccine, which they called a BGG vaccine that I didn’t have; and a TB test to start. However, that wasn’t the unusual part. The BVI require you to get tested for parasites in your poop and syphilis. While that makes sense when you think about it, it wasn’t what I was prepared for. The process took around a month to complete and was


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